Every year  many designers, fashion enthusiasts and increasingly more people in the horticultural sector are waiting to announce the colour of the year. This year’s choice by the Pantone Colour Institute was ‘CLASSIC BLUE’. We asked our guest contributor, Robert Wacker, Managing Director of Media Concept Schweiz AG, what can horticultural production companies and retailers expect from this colour? With the Echeveria, Pantone even put a plant at the center of the market launch.
“This impressive blue colour conveys calm, trust and solidarity and underscores our desire for a reliable and stable foundation on which we can build as we cross the threshold to a new era”, with these words Pantone explains the decision for ‘CLASSIC BLUE’. 

Our time is getting faster and faster! Work and private life is getting more and more connected! The term work-life balance has become obsolete and is increasingly being replaced by the trend work-life blend. Because ‘CLASSIC BLUE’ fits with its soothing properties in the time and lifestyle of many people. BLUE is perceived by most people as restful and at the same time provides a stable foundation for ‘perceived peace’ and actual peace.

All of these beneficial properties on the psyche can also be harnessed to plants, and so ‘CLASSIC BLUE’ is expected to boost the successful sale of plants in 2020.

Here Pantone sets the trend plant «Monstera» in the perfect context with «CLASSIC BLUE».
Here Pantone sets the trend plant Monstera in the perfect context with ‘CLASSIC BLUE’.
The producers of blueberry plants will feel a push.
The producers of blueberry plants will feel a push.

Unfortunately there are far fewer blue flowers in the plant world compared to yellow, pink and white. That’s why color BLUE is in high demand. For many years, breeders strive to reed a blue rose – the results are still modest. There is not blue Pelargonium zonale either.


Whether in cosmetics, fashion, hobby or cars – by 2020 «CLASSIC BLUE» will be omnipresent.

We look forward to many projects that we can develop for our clients, for whom ‘CLASSIC BLUE’ will play a role.