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All the content, ideas and inspiration you need are available from our exclusive design service, image library, care texts and copy writing service.

We are positioned between growers and retailers and our exclusive mapping of the gardener customer-journey ensures that we cover all essential ‘touch points’ when marketing plants.

As a 100% British business our experience means that we understand both the UK gardener and the UK horticultural supply chain - essential in creating effective solutions.

We have over 125,000 professional plant images

Our exclusive Nova image library holds over 125,000 horticultural images which are free to use on Hortipak products, and we provide competitive image hire rates for use in websites and e-stores.

You can view our NOVA images library at

We understand the market

By segmenting the gardening public into specific, detailed profiles we can help to create a clear picture of who buys your products, how, why and when.

We are clear on the importance and benefits of ornamental horticulture to the UK gardening public and can help you to tailor clear and compelling messages to your target audience.

We also maintain cutting-edge research into design, consumer and retail behaviour and trends which enables us to deliver outstanding solutions wherever you compete – “connecting people with plants”.

We listen carefully

We help to ‘connect people with plants’, understanding the market segments and trends so that together we understand your strategy, your products and develop your brand. in doing so, we can guide consumers towards the most successful gardening experience.

Our independent UK operation allows us to offer a focused approach to relevant localised design and content.

Hortipak’s plastic policy – which is also adopted by our key suppliers – is to develop an optimised & sustainable product in line based on the UK’s system, challenges and opportunities. We only work with materials that are optimised for the UK system

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